Our Services

We focus on delivering THE best performance excellence web-based system to the world for HRMs, leaders, managers, and employees to use, to sustain, grow and/or build employee relationships and increase performance.

We are social innovators and believe we have to share our business with like-minded people to contribute towards a fair, effective, efficient working world. We are great with building the system while you are great with the relationship you have with your staff. Our system makes life easier for you to manage it all.

Want to implement and use Imenent in your organization?

Here is what you do:

  • You are responsible for the HR function in your organization.
  • You can contact us for a demo or click here for a sneak preview.
  • Let us know if you need assistance, or would like to be connected to an Imenent partner to run the project. However, we believe you will be ready to use the system after attending our
  • GetStarted Programs.
  • When you are ready to go, join one of our GetStarted Programs where we will train and equip you to set up and implement the system within your organization.

Voila, you are on the go!

Look out for our GetTrends programs to keep you in touch with all the Performance Trends.

Our services include, but is not a requirement for implementation:

  • Implementation and set up of system and data.
  • Performance Excellence Development Programs
  • Administrator User development programs
  • System Support
  • Imenent Certified Partner Program
Easy to use system with no additional hidden costs
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