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May 18

Believing in joy at work

Stellenbosch Visio

Stellenbosch-based Adri Dörnbrack is the Main Culture Architect (Director) of Imenent, doro-ella and rhizoo.

With her team, she developed the Imenent brand and its two sister companies doro-ella and rhizoo, from hands-on industry insights.

The resulting group of companies has a vision to create tools, spaces and experiences for individuals and businesses that can help them grasp the true meaning of a quality-filled life and how, by integrating those principles, they in turn can experience joy even during challenging times.

With a tertiary academic background in Human Resources Management, Adri’s career has spanned across various sectors in the HR industry over many years.

Adri gained valuable experience as Head of the Goscor Group of Companies’ Human Resources Department, and in her role as MD / Culture Architect within doro-ella and Imenent over the past seven years. She is responsible for the analysis, design, development and alignment of the culture, talent and human capital within the organisations they represent. She and her team provide strategic advice on how human capital development can ensure an organisation’s mission and business goals are met. She also facilitates selective executive and senior management level training programmes.

Adri stands firm in her belief that culture management, if approached strategically with a creative focus on the very human element of performance management, can lead to equal measures of increased performance and joy in any workplace.

Where many consulting firms put a strong focus on developing the emotional intelligence aspect with teams they work with, Adri also believes there will be a growing focus in the industry to start incorporating spiritual intelligence too: “Life is a continuous growth curve of learning to embody certain values and life principles which, in turn, act as a bedrock to stand firm in times of joy and tribulation – this in turn shapes and develops an individual’s character to integrate joy into all aspects of their lives – both personally and professionally. And as people learn to tap into the fruit of their spiritual intelligence, those fruit will start becoming evident in the work they do too.”

She loves to tell stories, and to share her insights with others. Her own values continually inspire the ethos of the three companies she and her team established, and the consulting work they do for their clients.

Adri is currently completing a BA Honors degree in Theology through the NWU and is passionate about bringing valued add-based practices into business. In the case of the Group’s foundational values, Adri and her team use the principles and guidelines from Christian Scripture as compass to create and develop programs that assist clients with matters of the head and heart (soft skills and character building skills). “And it works. We are a business, but we use truths from Scripture. Many of our clients do not share the same faith or belief system as we do, but the values we adhere to are universal truths, and we all share this one common language as humans.” 

She dedicates 2018 to new beginnings, to research and to discover more of what great character represents in the individual, the team, the family, and the business.

First Published by Stellenbosch Visio