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Jun 18

Performance Excellence Management designed around people, not around a system

Stellenbosch Visio

Organisations are rapidly changing how they manage performance and understand talent in the digital, diversity age. This has an impact on the skills people need, how companies recruit, and how they approach dynamic organisational learning.

Imenent, a unique South African online Performance Excellence Management tool, enables businesses to break away from traditional ways of managing talent in an organisation. The online tool is designed around people, and not around a system.


At the helm is Adri Dörnbrack, the Main Culture Architect (Director) of Imenentdoro-ella and rhizoo. The group of companies, based in Stellenbosch, has a vision to create tools, spaces and experiences for individuals and businesses that can help them grasp the true meaning of a quality-filled life and how, by integrating those principles, they in turn can experience joy even during challenging times.

“We are inspired by relationships and we value individuals,” says Adri. “Our system was designed to focus on the individual. We’ve developed a unique approach to performance management systems that can help business owners, HR teams and employees. We want to bring the individual human excellence factor back into performance management.”

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organisation. Proper performance management focusses on the individual and the unique circumstance and not a generic template with generic outcomes. 

Imenent’s system assists managers and individuals by helping them understand roles and expectations. The system equips employers to identify obstacles their employees may face, and it helps them identify talent by enabling them to understand what the employee’s functions, talents and areas of development are. Imenent’s approach supports value in the workplace by acting as the voice for both the employee and employer, to fill in any gaps that may appear and build the relationship between both parties.

“We developed a system where it is all about communication, achieving one common goal and focusing on the individual’s strengths within a team,” said Adri. “We pride ourselves to make sure that our system is not used as just another HR Tool but a system that adds value into the business.”

Imement’s goal is to equip teams and individuals with greater levels of maturity through a quest for character.

Equal pay for equal value, clear performance expectations, tough labour legislation and market demands make it interesting to run a business in our beautiful country. In order to restore South Africa, we have been given tough labour regulatory guidelines. Excellent Human Resources Management therefor is an integral part of any successful business and manager role in South Africa.

“The quest for brilliance fuels us, improves performance and grows strong characters that will have an impact not only on business profits but will also have an impact on South Africa and how we restore it,” she added.

To book an Imenent Performance Management system demonstration, please email Adri Dörnbrack on


First Published by Stellenbosch Visio