About Us

Everything is about data.

Performance Management can become the biggest ticking box admin headache in the world of HR. We run away because it can be similar to watching sausages being made. Emotions, biased ratings and lots of admin have put a bad taste in the mouth for HRMs, managers, and employees. This is not Imenent.

How do you stand out? As a leader what do you know about your team and the individual? Imenent is designed to focus on the individual, their outputs (without breaking team dynamics), the manager expecting certain outputs to achieve overall departmental and organizational goals and building the relationships to get the best out of every individual, contributing towards their overall quality of life or wellness.

We love people. We are fascinated by efficiency, resilience, honesty, trust, and culture. The creators and designers have strong HR, IR, and IT backgrounds and mixed their strengths into this system.

  • To build a truly sustainable business you need people. To lead people during these exciting and challenging times you need a system to give you authentic data generated by honesty. Our system is THE platform to use to set clear expectations and give honest feedback relating to performance progress.