Performance excellence

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. Proper performance management focuses on the individual and the unique circumstance and not a generic template with a generic outcome. We are inspired by relationships and we value individuals. Our system was designed to focus on the individual.

Our vision

To be THE performance excellence tool that every HR professional, individual, team and organization use, to show their true value and potential.

Our Mission

Deliver a web system where people from all corners of the work environment connect, they share working towards achieving the same vision, led by their values in order to achieve a good purpose whilst understanding each individual's unique contributions within the team.

Why human resources pros love the new performance management system

Aligning company and department vision with performance. Aligns strategy with overall goals and objectives at different levels.

Evaluates occupations: equal pay for equal value. Employment Equity made easy. Determines the value of each occupation.

A relationship based performance management system which builds a culture of authentic performance conversations.

Web Based:Imenent is web-based with no installations needed on any of your devices computers or networks.

Imenent explained in four easy steps

once a year or as job changes

goals and objectives

Define goals and objectives


Employee captures functions and the manager reviews and approves it.


Employee capture competencies and the manager approves it.


Viola, ready for reviews. Completed in 5 minutes. No paperwork, no ticking box exercise, just a breeze.

person   job  performance  value

Person Value

Workforce grading conducted by the Management team.

Job Value

Job evaluations conducted for each and every position in the business. This is in line with Employment Equity measures to determine the value of each job within the business.

Performance Value

Individual Performance measures calculated and obtained during performance progress reviews on Imenent system.